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Eagle Aerial Images is a full-service company that provides a variety of services utilizing miniature indoor and outdoor blimps. We are based in central Florida, but accept contracts throughout the USA.

Our company offers high-resolution aerial photographs for a fraction of the cost of using an aircraft or a helicopter. We can photograph your home, business, land, property under development, elevation pictures, projected views, concerts, or special events. We also provide radio-controlled blimps for indoor activities such as trade shows, sporting events, and parties.

Using our fleet of tethered blimps, we are able to operate at heights ranging from zero to one thousand feet (certain restrictions apply depending on location). The average photograph is taken between two and four hundred feet. From a height of two hundred feet, we can photograph up to eight acres in a single picture.

Our radio-controlled cameras transmit live pictures to our mobile ground stations, enabling us to see exactly what the cameras see, and take pictures accordingly. We can rotate, tilt and zoom the cameras from our ground station, framing the exact picture you desire.

Photographs are supplied to you on a compact disc, in digital format, up to 10 megapixels, allowing you to use the images any way you choose.

In addition to our blimps, we also utilize pneumatic camera masts that can extend up to approximately 50 feet. These are ideal for elevation pictures of future construction projects, wild-life photography, law enforcement surveillance, group events, weddings, parties etc.

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