As seen below, aerial photography from our tethered blimps or telescopic masts provide a dramatic and effective way to showcase your home, property, or outdoor event. Our aerial photography can be used to determine views at various elevations for future building projects such as condominiums, office buildings, or family homes or to show progress during the building process. It can also be used for statistical information such as traffic flow or parking studies.

To view a larger version of a picture, simply click on it.

Photo of North Carolina home taken at ground level
Aerial photo of that same home
Rear aerial view of North Carolina home
High altitude photo showing entire grounds
Aerial photographs taken for a parking lot study done at Downtown Disney
Aerial photos taken using one of our blimps for 4th of July celebration at Hunter's Creek in Orlando
Projected southern views for a planned Kansas City office building from 3rd and rooftop heights
Projected eastern views for a planned Kansas City office building from 3rd and 7th floor heights



Spectacular aerial views of one of Central Florida's premier golf courses
Sample aerial photographs of golf course homes taken for a home owners association
Projected views for a condiminium project in Jacksonville, FL taken using one of our blimps.
Projected views for another condiminium project in Jacksonville, FL
Projected view at 10 feet for a home site in Ormond Beach
Projected view at 30 feet for the same home site
Projected views at 50 feet for that same home site
Photos taken at an outdoor event for the Fraternal Order of Eagles
Daytona Beach projected luxury apartment complex elevation photographs

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